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Soap created for and by you!

soap and herbs
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I got started making soap about five years ago as part of learning to tap my intuition and my body's wisdom. I haven't stopped.

Soaping has taught me the importance of scent as a doorway into experiences and emotions from long ago, or to the moment that is here right now. My soap-making process is a way of listening to the whispers of my own memories and longings, and of those around me. Using a combination of science, intuition, experience and co-creation, what began as a small two-week practice has evolved into something much deeper.

So - what or who are you longing to celebrate, remember, honour, witness?

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All soaps are made by hand using the hot or cold process depending on the need. This means I work with raw oils and lye. Base oils include olive, coconut, palm kernel, avocado and castor. As much as possible, I source my ingredients from Canadian suppliers who in turn use ethical and fair trade practices. 

When the saponification process is complete, I add essential oils, shea butter and beeswax (from our own bees!). Other additives are used to colour and texture the soap, including loose tea, spices, seeds, coffee grounds, salt, clays and ground apricot shells. All of these are customizable. 

Soaps are made monthly, so what I have on-hand varies. If you're looking to buy a few bars of ready-made soap, email or call to find out what's available!



What or who would you like to celebrate?

If you want something special and unique, but don't have the time to participate in the actual soap-making, I work with you to choose base oils, additives and scents, based on the experience or memories that you want to make.


Soap and Herbs

I bring my mobile soap works to you!

Interested in experiencing soap making start to finish? This option is suitable for friends or families who want to experience the sensual ritual that soap-making is, and is a beautiful way to mark an important life milestone or transition. Completely customizable and suitable for humans of all ages. Three hours including set-up and clean-up for one batch - or about 20 bars of soap.

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Customized soap for self-care practices

Concerned about your own ontological hygiene, and interested in integrating self-care into your practices? Choose from a line of soaps to help you become you.

Working with a client and want to create a customized soap to support their development? I work with you to understand what the client is working on, and to co-design a soap to support them on their journey.

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Community Give Back

Building community and lifelong learning are two of my core values. This is why a portion of soap sales go to support the work of a local charity that spans borders: SchoolBOX.

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Kinburn, ON K0A 2H0, Canada


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